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Cassiopeia, the Constellation

by Asailof2hearts

When we bought Cassiopeia we decided not to change the name. We liked calling her “Cassie” and felt like the name fit her. Her name is from the constellation, which is from Greek mythology.  

I haven’t read or studied much Greek mythology since high school. I’ve also never been good at astronomy, other than recognizing the Big and Little Dipper and Polaris (North Star). Some of that is due to spending the majority of my life near populated areas with lots of light pollution. And also not being a night owl, so I don’t tend to be up at night looking at the sky. Mary, on the other hand, loves the night sky and prefers night watches.

I think when we get off the dock next summer 2020 and are on the ocean, we’ll be spending more time looking at the stars.

the 5 stars that make up the constellation

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