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Christmas 2018

by Asailof2hearts

Greetings from Cassiopeia!

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise with the sky painted orange and surrounding Mt. Rainier, reflecting off the water. Hot coffee and the diesel heater is keeping us warm this morning.

We’ve had a crazy last few weeks. We figure it’s some training and prep time to help us grow for the future. We’re listening for the lessons and changes.

Mt. Rainier in the distance with the Murray Morgan (11th Street) Bridge over the Foss Harbor Waterway

Mary went through an emotionally trying experience with one of her real estate clients essentially “screwing her” over after she had been working with them for weeks. This after we were “planning” how we could put that commission to good use on the boat. I think planning on finances is a lot like trying to cruise with a schedule…

I have been extremely busy at work with several projects that are mentally draining. I don’t have lots of mental energy when I get home.

So, we’ve had several evenings that have been fix some dinner, sometimes with a bit too much wine, and watch Battlestar Galactica episodes. Cocooning time.

We purchased a Mantus anchor – 85 lbs. It’s sitting in the storage locker waiting to be assembled. It’ll go on sometime this spring when I swap out the for the new chain. We dropped the mainsail off at Ullman Sails in Seattle to have the intermediate car attachment webbing straps sewn on to replace the cord that was previously used to attache the luff to the cars. Cassie looks very bare with the sail and sail cover off, just a bare boom. It’s been amazing to me how much windage the bare rigging has with the windstorms we’ve had this winter. When the gusts hit 40+ she really rocks. We’ve done a few other interior projects, and we’re doing some research on our nav system options/upgrades.

We’re looking forward to the days starting to get longer again!

Mary continues to keep the dream alive of getting out of here. 

Christmas stockings hung on our maps for Baja and the Sea of Cortez

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