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End of 2020, Going into 2021

by Asailof2hearts

As we’re sure it was for you, this past year was beyond anything we could have imagined. We entered it with much anticipation, as this was the year when we knew there were going to be BIG changes.

  • Complete many of the projects and preparations to Cassiopeia for cruising fulltime.
  • Doug would retire from his job.
  • Mary would retire from her job.
  • Leave Tacoma and our families, our lives as we’ve known them, to sail south on Cassiopeia for Mexico.

All those happened, and of course, much more.

There have been highs and lows that have changed us, and I’m sure we’re not unique.

When Mary and I met, we recognized that our relationship would be a journey of change and growth. That’s the reason our blog is called “A Sail of 2 Hearts”. It isn’t just about the sailing for us. It’s our journey of changing, being set free from old patterns and habits that don’t serve us and wound those around us, and healing to become the beings we were created to be.

Sailing is a vessel through life for us. Sometimes we’re sailing, sometimes we’re motoring, and sometimes we’re “stuck” in one place for awhile.

Events and circumstances are always the fodder for change. Papa has promised that he will use everything that comes into our lives for something good.

I (Doug) find one of my greatest hinderances is getting out of my own way and my broken perspective to see with eyes that trust and believe that Papa does have my good in mind all the time. 

There have been very difficult/hard/challenging times where the wounded/broken self/ego has been revealed.

I understand that precious metals are refined by applying heat until the raw ore and all that’s in it are melted. The impurities come to the surface where they can be skimmed off, leaving the pure metal. The heat is very uncomfortable. The result is something more pure and beautiful.

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