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by Asailof2hearts

F@#kin’ First Time.

We first heard about FFT’s listening to a Brene Brown podcast. The world and culture is experiencing lots of FFTs: the COVID-19 stuff, social distancing, masks, etc. 

With an FFT, as we go through we have to:

  • Name it
  • Put it in perspective
  • Reality check expectations

It seems that almost every thing we’re doing on this trip is an FFT. 

  • navigate through the night with radar
  • navigate through fog with radar
  • navigate through fog at night with radar
  • anchor in an unknown anchorage at night using radar and GPS/chartplotter
  • see a blue whale
  • see lots of humpback whales
  • motor into a pod of humpbacks at night in the fog and hear them blowing all around us but can’t see them.
  • enter strange harbors and marinas, almost always navigating in through fog
  • walk 5 miles round trip to get groceries, carrying them back to the boat
    There are going to be plenty more.

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