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Figuring out how to leave

by Asailof2hearts

or “do we need to make dinghy chaps before we leave?”

Our scrum board

Mary and I spent the evening discussing what and how to get “off the dock” to leave. Our plan is for me to retire/leave my full-time job in 2020 and start cruising. There is a list (scrum board of sticky notes on the wall) of projects, purchase items, etc. that we’ve compiled. Some we’ve managed to get done. Others loom large because we don’t know what’s involved or how to approach them. Of course, for us these conversations always go better after we’ve shared a bottle of wine. 🙂  “wine talks”

Wine…it lubricates and facilitates open and deep communication

The list seems overwhelming when taken as a whole. Many of the items are small and manageable. Some look like they have lots of $$$ attached to them. Can anyone say boat bucks?

Mary and I decided we each need to review the list and how we view their priority. We’re fairly close, but do have our differences.

With all of this comes some stark examination of the $ amount attached to accomplishing them. Some aren’t that expensive, they’re just dedicating time and a bit of money. But, they’re on the list, too.

One of Mary’s great qualities, is once she gets her mind set on accomplishing something she’ll get after it. To her goes all the credit for the cleaning, waxing, and polishing that’s been done on Cassie. She’s cleaned and polished a lot of the stainless deck hardware, and waxed the coach roof. You can’t tell so much right now as there’s a coating of winter grime. 

Anyway, Mary is motivated and starting to work her way through a bunch of the tasks that aren’t on the scrum board but are on the “to do” list.

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