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Here we go…

by Asailof2hearts

It’s 0430 on Tuesday, August 11. I didn’t sleep much last night. It might have been the black tea we drank yesterday, probably has some caffeine in it. And I’m sure there’s some anxiety for what lies ahead.

We’ve been anchored in Neah Bay since Friday, and we’re definitely anxious to get going. It’s been blowing 15 kt all night here in the bay, it was blowing 20+kt most of yesterday. I think it’s funneling across the this pat of Washington from off the Pacific Coast to our southwest and then through here. The weather still looks good for the trip. We look forward to sailing, not motoring.

Our plan is to get going at 0500 (5 AM), and for it to take about 36 hrs to get to Newport, OR. It’s our first time for just the two of us to be out in the ocean on Cassie. We were crew with our captain, Vinnie, three years ago to sail through the Caribbean to Florida, and we had a 3.5 day sail then across the Channel that separates the BVI’s from Turks and Caicos. This will be different, I think. It will definitely be cooler (less warm) and “cooler” (just us sailing our boat down the coast). 🙂


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