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Reading List for Sailing and Cruising

by Asailof2hearts

Here’s our addition to all the other lists of books you’ll find if you go searching. I decided to limit this list to books that aren’t often listed by others, and direct you to lists on other web sites. By doing so, I guess we’re missing out on the affiliate dollars that can be part of links. But in reality, we’ve received so much from SV Delos and Sailing Totem if they get those dollars, it’s a a way to repay them.

Here goes:

  • Fast Track to Cruising: How to Go From Novice to Cruise-Ready in Seven Days by Steve and Doris Colgate

I (Doug) found this to be a great overview of skills and knowledge to go cruising, whether locally or bluewater. Highly recommend.

Two of the best lists of books in our opinion:

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