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by Asailof2hearts

Here are some resources that we have found valuable as we’ve researched how to do something and sourced solutions.

Nashua 361-11 Foil Tape for Waterproofing Repair

This tape is “the bomb.” Our Catalina had a leaking portlight. Someone mentioned a tape we could buy. I found this and it’s been amazing. It’s a sticky butyl with an aluminum skin. You apply it with the butyl down, shiny side up. It sealed the leaks. Of course, you have to identify the location of the leak. But, with this you can cover an area. We had a leaking hatch on Cassie over our berth, because the sealant was no longer holding the acrylic lens tightly in the frame. I applied this around the outside over where the lens and frame came together, no more leak. I later rebedded the lens, but not well enough because it’s leaking a little bit again. Applied tape until I get around to attempting to rebed it.

WORD OF WARNING—This stuff is a bear to remove when/if you need or want to. It sticks really well. It’s doable but takes some time.


Pam Wall for chain

We attended one of Pam’s seminars at the Seattle Boat Show. She is always mentioned stuff she recommends and discounts for stuff through her. One was for galvanized chain. Contact her for a quote.


Marine How To web site

Rod Collins has some great articles. Although they can be very technical. I encourage you to purchase through him if there’s something he sells you want to support the site. We purchased our Balmar alternator, regulator and pulley kit through his website. Price was very competitive. His butyl tape is excellent.


West Marine How to Articles and Videos

West Marine can have a bad rap, but they are almost everywhere in the USA, and there are some very helpful people in many of their stores. Their advisor articles can be helpful when you’re leaning.


APS Annapolis Performance Sailing web site

APS has some great articles explaining lines, knots, hardware, gear reviews.

They have a great sailing terms glossary


Garhaeur Marine Hardware

My friend Jamie Gifford (www.sailingtotem.com) recommended Garhaeur as a good source for blocks. They are well-made, less expensive than other name brand stuff, though maybe not as schmancy-looking. 


Marking your anchor rode

When we installed our new anchor chain, we wanted a good way to mark it for different depths and amount of scope. I found an article with an alternative to the typically used means of paint or zip ties. I wrote about it here.

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