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This Is a Love Story

by Asailof2hearts

This blog is ostensibly a sailing blog. That’s not really true. This blog is an attempt to reveal and express the story of two souls learning to live loved. It’s about the journey to healing and freedom of two hearts. Mary and I are walking together through the process of changing and growing. We believe there is Someone who loves us. But, we have a lot of places in our lives where we’ve been hurt and learned and developed mechanisms to protect ourselves from the pain and those places need healing so we can be set free.

I’ll try to share some of the process, though most of it will come from my perspective. I don’t pretend to know all that Papa is doing in her let alone try and understand what he is doing in me, but I thoroughly trust and believe that Papa is at work in her, because I see the evidence.

I believe that our hearts are incalculably valuable. They are the seat of what is essentially us. In fact, there is a romance going on for our heart. It’s a romance from One who loves us and is pursuing us.

There’s a quote from one of my favorite books, The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge:

Indeed, if we reflect back on the journey of our heart, the Romance has most often come to us in the form of two deep desires: the longing for adventure that requires something of us, and the desire for intimacy—to have someone truly know us for ourselves, while at the same time inviting us to know them in the naked and discovering way lovers come to know each other on the marriage bed. The emphasis is, perhaps, more on adventure for men and slightly more on intimacy for women. Yet, both desires are strong in us as men and women. In the words of friends, these two desires come together in us all as a longing to be in a relationship of heroic proportions.

So this blog will have posts relating to this romance of adventure and intimacy. It’s certainly been an adventure for us to be together, and deciding to sail away is part of it.

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