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We Are Off the Dock

by Asailof2hearts

Saturday, August 1, 2020, 11:00 AM we left the fuel dock at Foss Harbor Marina for the last time and motored north to Port Ludlow under sunny skies and calm seas.

All our stuff is either sold, given away, or on the boat. Our bikes are sold. Our bike gear donated. Doug’s car is sold. It’s eery to realize that everything we own is on our floating home.

Doug’s son, David, drove down to see us off. Jeff had drill these two weeks in August to fulfill his Marine Corp Reserve responsibility, so he was unable to be there. David helped get some of the last stuff onboard and helped us at the fuel dock.

Our friends, David and Yesenia came over to wish us off and help with getting all the jerry cans filled. They have been

David and Yesenia

wonderful to get to know these last couple of months. David has helped with projects (pulling the radar cable down the mast) and building some stainless stuff. He made a replacement for the bottom half of our swim ladder we lost in the Caribbean, and a mount for our IridiumGo! antenna to mount on the bimini frame.

The marina staff all pulled us aside Friday or Saturday and expressed their well wishes. Ian and Meylinda said good-bye Friday night. Allan made us a handline so we can fish down the coast. Tarin took time to come down to the boat, too. Scotty gave us a spare prop for the outboard, and swapped guitar cases (a soft for a hard case) so Doug would have something to protect his guitar but not be so bulky. It has been a wonderful marina to call home, the staff is fantastic.

The last few days were BUSY as we did laundry, shopped, and finished getting our stuff out of our storage locker and onto the boat.

Our friends, Dustin and Britney loaned us a car to use Thursday and Friday, as Doug sold his car last Saturday.

Mary’s family and grandkids came by one last time Friday to say good-bye.

We’ll see most of Mary’s family in October at Isom and Taylor’s wedding. Otherwise, we don’t know when we’ll next be back for a visit.  

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Dave and Linda Gresham August 31, 2020 - 5:19 PM

We are following you regularly on the charts. It’s lovely fun. The marina looks different without the adventuresome Bavaria down the way.
Fishing is picking up, so we are trying it a bit. The first one we caught was so small that the photo makes it look like our bait. We did carefully return it so we can see it again in a few years.
Glad we got to spend an evening with you before you left. We send best wishes for fun, learning, and high adventures. Stay well, amigos, and thanks for sending out all the info so we can be a part of the tale.

Asailof2hearts August 31, 2020 - 7:07 PM

Muchas gracias, Linda and Dave. Your friendship means a lot to us.


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