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Welcome to A Sail of 2 Hearts

We’re Doug and Mary. We live on our 1997 Bavaria 46E sloop in Tacoma, WA USA. We set out to pursue the healing and the desires of our hearts. We’re doing it on our sailboat, Cassiopeia. Come and share the journey with us.

We hope this blog and our pictures and videos share the journey of a man and a woman seeking the adventure of learning to realize how loved we are and live in the realization of that love, and living set free from fear and shame that bound us. This blog will have sailing and boat stuff, but there will also be content where we get vulnerable, share from our hearts. You might not agree with us, have other perspectives and beliefs. That’s OK. We’re not intending to persuade you of anything. Goodness knows, we are from perfect and don’t know all the answers. We’re on a journey.

Life is a journey of the heart. If you don’t tend to your heart, no one else will.

We discovered that sailing and the water sets our hearts free like few other activities. Once we experienced sailing and being on the water, we were inspired to set off on this adventure together. We purchased our sailboat with the goal of setting off in 2020 to explore, first to Baja Mexico — The Sea of Corez, maybe making it to New Zealand and Fiji, and cruising the South Pacific.

We’ll post as there are updates, events, or thoughts to share. Follow us on Instagram, too. We’ll post notifications of new posts we’re making here, as well as other stuff.

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