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Who are we?

by Asailof2hearts

So, for those who want to know a little more, get the skinny on us, read on:

Met in Sept 2012

This is Doug. I’ll share this more from my perspective, hopefully with some side notes/comments from Mary’s perspective. I was in the midst of a divorce after 29 years of marriage. I was dating again, and had signed up on Match.com. My “technique” was to browse through the women that popped up in my searches, and “favorite” those I was interested in coming back to consider some more.

Mary noticed that I favorited her, and after a day or two when I hadn’t followed up or contacted her (not that I wasn’t going to, I hadn’t gotten around to it yet), sent me a message “Ok i think its kind of creepy that i can see you made me a favorite…..but i was wondering why you haven’t reached out…was the favorite thing a mistake? :)”

…so I responded:

“ 🙂 OK, I’ve been ‘exposed’. No, the favorite-ing wasn’t a mistake. I hadn’t made time to figure out what to say. I’m interested, and would like to meet you.”

We made a date for drinks on Sunday, Labor Day weekend. The date went fantastically, better than I imagined. Drinks on the waterfront, then dinner at another restaurant, then shooting pool at a pub. We ended up back at my condo…We had a great evening. ☺


We dated for several months and then off/on while I was also dating other women. (I know, I know…) We kept getting back together—Mary was persistent and I enjoyed being with her–getting to know her, doing stuff together–but I was afraid of settling with and pursuing one woman, since I’d not dated a lot prior to my first marriage. I was a jerk several times, and I hurt her with how I acted and things I said more than once.

Peas and Carrots

A barista at a coffee stand we both frequented thought we were great together. She said we were like “peas and carrots.” It was true, we complimented and were good for each other. One day, Aurora (the barista) confronted me when I stopped by the stand on my way to work, (thank you, Aurora, I needed that) that Mary was an awesome girl, that I needed to get my head out of my ass and commit and pursue her.

So I finally did. And we were married in July 2016.

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